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Oh Mo! Tiger Smashes Belly Putters

If you recall, Mo Golf and I don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on belly putters. He’s a fan. I’m not. The fact that he’s a better player/putter is irrelevant. As I’ve said before and will say again, there are things a man should...

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What Should A Third Hole Be?

The beauty of golf courses, like so many things in life, is that they are all different. Their distances, their green undulations, their small creeks, big bunkers – no two golf courses are the same. Still, I believe that...

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Elkdale’s #2

If you’re going to have a conversation about the best 2nd holes in Western New York, please don’t forget to toss in the short par 4 that Elkdale Country Club brings to the table. I grew up playing Elkdale and remain impressed...

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he said, HE SAID:To Belly Up Or Not…

The Mouth That Roars and Mo’ Golf, shockingly, differ on the validity, even the legality, of the belly putter. Mo’ is all in on the longer shaft while The Mouth says no, No, NO. Read on to find out what each has to...

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DiMarco Battling Back

Golfers will never get much sympathy when it comes to athlete injuries. They’re never run over by linebackers, elbowed by Kevin Garnett or getting 99 mph fast balls thrown at their cabeza. Golfers often play into their 60s...

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Don’t Let The Snow Get You Down

I imagine when people who live in the south think of Buffalo Golfers during the winter they picture us hiding in our homes, staring out windows at snow-covered streets through frosty windows. They probably assume our golf clubs...

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