I did good. Heck, for me, I did phenomenal by keeping my mouth shot and not talking about how great Sergio Garcia has been playing as of late.

If you haven’t been following, Garcia has won the last two event he’s played in. He won the Castello Masters by 11 strokes and then backed it up with a one-stroke victory at the Andalucia Masters. A staff writer for The Big Lead said, “Sergio Garcia is back and you’re all being put on notice.” Alex Myers of Golf Digest tweeted that he thinks Garcia will be best player over next decade.

Me, I just kept my mouth shut and felt giddy.

If you read this website you know I love Garcia. He’s one of two athletes I’ve ever asked for an autograph – the other being Jim Kelly. I think Garcia is the greatest player to never win a major and the last few years have been hard for me as he’s struggled to play well consistently.

These past two tourneys though are hope for Garcia and his fans. With his game at such a high level, 2012 seems like a good as chance as any for him to finally get on to the business of winning major championships. I firmly believe if he can get that one soon (in next two years) the flood gates could open.

I’m trying not to talk about it though. Every time I write a column about how I think Garcia is going to win or how this might be his day or year – something goes wrong.

I’m not saying anything this time. I’m just telling you what I’ve been hearing….that Garcia might be back and ready to take his game to the next level.