The “:)” in the title is a nod to the Mouth That Roars’ current run of “Things I Think I Know.” When I consider “think,” there is an element of uncertainty that I don’t wish to risk. In complete contrast, “know” reaffirms that what I relate is certain (even if my readers don’t agree.)

Things I know I think on September 15th (if there were an ides of September, this would be it.)

1.  Organizing a high school tournament is darned difficult. National and state sanctioning, individual and team competitors and competitions, free swag, course layout, marshals…it all adds up. Hope this works!

2. Coaching high school golf is time consuming. This week alone, I’ve arrived home after 8:30 four consecutive nights. Friday is a one-hour fitness workout, so I think I’ll finally get a chance to see the sun set. However…

3. Coaching high school golf is incredibly rewarding and nerve-wracking. Watching the guys and girls come in, with pride and fellowship on the line, knowing that the only important results are shared integrity and dignity, is high drama.

4. The Scramble is a pretty enjoyable way to spend time with three golfing friends of various tendencies. The architecture guy, the power-hitting guy, the short-game guy, the party guy, the score maven…all can have fun at the scramble, provided that the team is all-in when it comes to the goal. Having one hyper-competitive member who won’t budge when it comes to strategy is a dearth and death to the outing.

5. Posture is the unheralded key to the swing. I find that most ball-striking mistakes can be tied to an increased tilt toward the ball at address. As soon as I stand taller and stick out my buttox, the problem disappears.