Author: John Mooshie

Champions Retreat-Nines, Wines, and Memorable Times

Some of the best golf courses in the country can be found at clubs you’ve probably never heard about. Champions Retreat, a private golf retreat in Augusta, Georgia, is one such club. I had never heard of it even though I’m very much involved in golf courses, their history, their design, and their facilities. Champions Retreat is not a wonderful Retreat because it has three nine hole courses designed by three legends of the game. It’s not a great Retreat because its food and beverage operation will rival the best in the country. And it isn’t 5 stars because...

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The No Name Golf Course That Was 35 Years Ahead Of Its Time!

There’s a golf course in Georgia, tucked into the middle of a 9000 acre plantation that is one of southwest Georgia’s preeminent, privately- owned conservation areas. The plantation features extensive areas of significant conservation value, including over 3,300 acres of natural upland forest (including almost 1,000 acres of rare longleaf pine), over 650 acres of bottomland hardwood forests, nearly 40 acres of  wetlands, numerous fresh water springs, and almost 5 miles of frontage along (a major river) the Flint River. The golf course, while not an afterthought, certainly takes a back seat to its surroundings. Designed in 1982 by...

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Ike’s Hike up Cardiac Hill

The 18th Hole That Gave Him a 2nd Term There’s storied history about Glen Arven Country Club in Thomasville, Georgia. Founded in 1892, Glen Arven is one of the oldest clubs in America.  It doesn’t get the accolades that some of the older courses get but Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead and many of the other great golf legends walked its fairways when the Thomasville Open was a stop on the fledgling PGA winter tour. . While it’s not known who laid out the very first nine holes, the subsequent “Old Course”, as it was originally...

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Caddying: A Tradition from the Other Side of the Bag

Caddie history  Golfer:  Do you think my game is improving? Caddie: Yes Sir, you’re missing the ball much closer now. By definition, a caddie is “one hired to serve as an attendant to a golfer, especially by carrying the golf clubs”. Caddies are also called “Loopers” since they normally work in circles. They’ll often go out on the first nine holes with the sun coming up and can return on the back nine with the sun setting to finish where they started. Caddying is not rocket science. It’s much more complex because the caddie possesses a rather unique position...

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Golf Apparel for Active Women-Shattering the Protocol

Becky Sauers knew the moment she saw the clothing line, it was a perfect fit for her Lady Links women. Becky is Tallahassee’s only member of the LPGA. Lady Links is a program that educates and teaches women about golf and how to play it. The clothing line belonged to Kevan Hall Sport. Becky… “I was surveying the golf apparel section at the PGA Merchandise Show when I came across the Kevan Hall Sport booth and was stunned by the colors, the prints, the patterns, and the styling.”  Golf clothing has never overwhelmed the ladies on the links. But...

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A Chat with the Hat

It’s an undeniable fact that a bird’s eye view of my head seems to shine quite radiantly these days. Most of what was once a beautiful head of hair has gone drainside prompting my DermaDoc to demand that I cover up when playing golf. For years, I’ve had many occasions to use the hundreds of golf hats accumulated from  many sources. Red, black, blue, orange, lavender, white, brown…if you pick it I can pull it out, flaunt it about, and bore you with the story that goes with it. The problem was, I never looked good in what was...

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