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Caddying: A Tradition from the Other Side of the Bag

Caddie history  Golfer:  Do you think my game is improving? Caddie: Yes Sir, you’re missing the ball much closer now. By definition, a caddie is “one hired to serve as an attendant to a golfer, especially by carrying the golf clubs”. Caddies are also called “Loopers” since they normally work in circles. They’ll often go out on the first nine holes with the sun coming up and can return on the back nine with the sun setting to finish where they started. Caddying is not rocket science. It’s much more complex because the caddie possesses a rather unique position...

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Golf Apparel for Active Women-Shattering the Protocol

Becky Sauers knew the moment she saw the clothing line, it was a perfect fit for her Lady Links women. Becky is Tallahassee’s only member of the LPGA. Lady Links is a program that educates and teaches women about golf and how to play it. The clothing line belonged to Kevan Hall Sport. Becky… “I was surveying the golf apparel section at the PGA Merchandise Show when I came across the Kevan Hall Sport booth and was stunned by the colors, the prints, the patterns, and the styling.”  Golf clothing has never overwhelmed the ladies on the links. But...

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A Chat with the Hat

It’s an undeniable fact that a bird’s eye view of my head seems to shine quite radiantly these days. Most of what was once a beautiful head of hair has gone drainside prompting my DermaDoc to demand that I cover up when playing golf. For years, I’ve had many occasions to use the hundreds of golf hats accumulated from  many sources. Red, black, blue, orange, lavender, white, brown…if you pick it I can pull it out, flaunt it about, and bore you with the story that goes with it. The problem was, I never looked good in what was...

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Adena Golf and Country Club

7 years in the development and a brainchild of Canadian developer Frank Stronach, Adena Golf and Country Club, located just north of Ocala, should easily rival the heralded Streamsong golf courses. Opening recently last July, the initial thrust to build a world class golf course began back in 2008 and was carefully crafted yard by yard by Stronach, himself, who is neither a golf course architect nor a landscape designer. No, there is no pedigree of a well-known architect. Rather, Stronach is a man of vision, of purpose, and has the financial wherewithal to see his concepts evolve. The...

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Commitment to Competition in 2014

The Czar has been a member of the Hamburg Men’s Golf Club, Western New York Public Links Golf Association and Buffalo District Golf Association for 25 years.  During this time I have witnessed a steady decline in membership for all three organizations and a precipitous drop of competitors in District wide tournament competition.  Twenty five years ago one had to sign up in April in order to secure a spot in many of the BDGA tournaments.  WNYPLGA team events drew multiple entries from many public clubs. In recent years public clubs struggled to field even one team and some clubs have all but disappeared from competition. Last year the BDGA ran two Senior tournaments at private country clubs that included a delicious lunch and great prizes.  The entry fee for each tournament was less than a guest would pay for every day green fees at these clubs and yet we struggled to get 50 participants for each event.  For the life of me I can’t understand why. I play golf because I love the game and strive constantly to improve.  I want to improve because I want to be competitive.  I love competing and I can compete with anybody because I have a USGA handicap.  Without competition, playing golf would be like hitting baseballs in a batting cage without ever playing a game.  Shooting hoops without playing a half...

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My First Tee Open Experience

This piece was posted with permission from The First Tee of Western New York and Gregory Sibick. Mr. Sibick is  junior at Nichols School in Buffalo. He was invited to participate in the Nature Valley First Tee Open in September. These are his recollections. The realization that I was going to play in The First Tee Open at the famous Pebble Beach Golf Links with hundreds of spectators and be paired with a professional golfer did not set in until I looked out the window of the car at the beautiful landscaping of California.  In my opinion, one of...

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