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Travel and Other Work

Travel and Other Work

Public service announcement that may just save your life: don’t climb in those big piles of snow that you find in parking lots. They are not stable and you will sink in them and no one will know that you are there. I just heard a big plow driver warn kids off from doing just that
I'll never look at an 18-inch putt again; I'll just imagine that much snow between me & the hole-Question: can you putt with an . @Ariens snowblower? Mine got me & 2 neighbors through.

Oh, by the way, here's #Tour Rundown on @GolfWRX

Wrote it last night
It's a wonderful tradition that we have, to donate money on the occasion of a team triumph-If you bought a few less drinks than planned last night, I'd be thrilled to see those dollars end up here-1 month away from #BaldForBucks2022 #GoBills #Buffalove

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