Best in Buffalo-Niagara: Scrambler’s Omission Series ~ Hole #10

Heading off on the outward 9, I start looking back in time for some of the omissions from this week’s polling.  One brings back some nostalgia, another reaches back to the original works of William Harries, and the final recounts a hole that no longer exists. Gowanda ~ 474 yard Par 5 I took up golf in the late summer of 1987, just a few weeks before my senior year in high school.  I was immediately addicted and even decided to...

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Best 4th Hole In Buffalo-Niagara

The candidates range from Clarence to Springville, from Lancaster to Ellicottville, from Williamsville to Findley Lake, from Varysburg to Forestville. Eight nominees deserve your vote, but only one can win. From short par fours to par fives, uphill par threes to medium par fours, we have a mixed bag. Vote today for the Best 4th Hole In Buffalo-Niagara and make sure to tell your friends. The Best 4th Hole In Buffalo-Niagara is......

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