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Get Out & Play! Open Courses

Let’s hope the weather stays fine! Here is the updated listing for courses that are open for 2011… 1.  Terry Hills-Batavia 2.  Byrncliff-Varysburg 3.  South Shore-Hamburg 4.  Arrowhead-Akron 5.  Batavia CC 6.  Links...

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What’s The Deal With The Weathermen?

Are you telling me that the PGA Tour and the entire cast of south Florida weathermen couldn’t predict the arrival of inclement weather around noon, e.s.t.? The WGC presumes it has the luxury of teeing its boys off at...

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There Is No Tiger Woods In The USA

Living in western New York in the 1990s, Bills fans grew accustomed to championships. The team won 4 consecutive AFC titles before bowing out in 1994. Over the past 15 years, we golf fans grew accustomed to similar success...

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