Month: December 2011

River Oaks Golf Club Review

River Oaks Golf Club, designed by the late and mad Scotsman, Desmond Muirhead, is quite unique among private clubs in western New York. Opened in 1972, the course hosted LPGA events its first two years of existence, then later served as course for informal Pro-Am events that included PGA tour players. The course measures longer than any other course in the Buffalo District from the tips (nearly 7400 yards) and serves as a monument to what can be done by golf course architects and shapers to change the topography of a flat piece of land. Holes 1-3: 348, 392 & 498 The first hole at River Oaks appears to ease the golfer into the round. In truth, only the drive is simple. With no fairway bunkers and light rough on either side of the fairway, the tee ball is straightforward and downhill. The approach must be kept below the hole and must also avoid three of the many bunkers that inhabit the course. The putting surface is circular in nature, with a pair of diversions from the sphere. With short iron or wedge in hand, anything more than 4 is considered a failure here. The second hole might be the toughest drive (although not necessarily a fair one) in the area, owing to the overhanging (and unnecessary) trees on the right side of the hole. When leafy, any shot...

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Kindness Will Always Matter

Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to Rod Pampling. Guy’s a great player who puts his name on the front page of a leader board from time to time. He has his good days, his bad days and the occasional great one. He’s a player you recognize but rarely seek out if you ever happen to attend a live tournament. Then you read a story about how Pampling took time to track down and personally thank every tournament director who gave him an extension in 2011 – and you’re forced to pay attention to the man for a moment. Pampling kept his PGA Tour card this season by a whisper as he came in at the 124th spot on the money list. He’ll be able to compete on tour regularly next year – and it would never have happened without the exemptions he received. “They didn’t have to do that,” said Pampling of the tournament directors. “It was a simple gesture on their part and it’s not that hard to call and say ‘thanks for that.’ I was just trying to do the right thing. Hopefully, I wont need the invite again.” If he does though, he might just find it. Several tournament directors have commented how rare it is to hear from a player in such a personal manner of thanks. AT&T National tournament director Greg McLaughlin event...

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My Movement Toward Golf Fitness: Installment IV

There is certainly something about the holidays that works against fitness. Marie and I had to postpone our 12/24 session until 12/27, and I had even less time than normal for exercise during the run-up to the Christmas celebrations. Given all that, you’d think that my session today would have been a cross between catatonic and catastrophic, but that wasn’t the case.We identified a weakness, a strength imbalance, at the beginning of session four. Not only was my left hamstring muscle tighter than my right one, but the glute on that side was noticeably weaker. While I admit to being right-handed, I cannot say precisely why that side’s leg was stronger than the other…nor do I much care. One of the great things about being 46 is that I’m 100% disinterested in how I look, and 100% interested in doing things that will help me, and doing them properly. So, when Marie says “quality, not quantity,” I don’t yes her up in the slightest. I felt bad for having passed up an opportunity to golf on the 22nd. It would have provided another opportunity to test out my progress. I did replace real golf with a dome session, one that featured hickory clubs. I forced myself to swing slower and better, something I could not have done without the lower body stability that I’ve been building these last few...

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Press Release: Henry-Griffitts Introduces Randy Henry’s Dynamic Golf Website

MAUMEE, OH – Henry-Griffitts – the seminal force in custom club fitting for 28 years and the originator of the clubfitting cart – is proud to unveil, the new website for Randy Henry’s Dynamic Golf, the world-renowned Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, golf academy founded and run by Henry-Griffitts co-founder Randy Henry. Randy Henry The recently-launched website features two separate sub-sites, one for the academy’s indoor facility featuring PGA TOUR Simulators and one for its outdoor practice facility. Each site opens with an informational video detailing the beautiful setting offered by the Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course, and the expert teaching provided by Randy Henry’s Dynamic Golf. An easy-to-navigate menu on each sub-site offers information on the world-class facilities, certified instructors (including Randy Henry himself), photos, videos, contact information, and testimonials from past academy visitor Click Here to see the Randy Henry Dynamic Golf AcademyRHGA “The Dynamic Golf academy represents a pinnacle of my coaching career,” says Henry, a world renowned golf teaching professional who has taught winners on all of the major tours and who has been voted one of America’s top teachers by Golf Digest as well as the #1 teacher in the state of Idaho. “I’m proud of the strong reputation we’ve already built, and our new website will allow users all over the world to get an even better idea of what we have to offer...

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Meeting Moe Norman

It was at the 2004 Canadian Women’s Open at The Legends on the Niagara that I had a very brief encounter with the legendary Moe Norman.  For those of you who are not familiar with Moe, he was one of the most accomplished Canadian golfers of all time and surely the oddest person to ever swing a golf club for a living.  If you are not familiar with Moe, I highly encourage you to do some research on the man and his life. I knew about Moe from a handful of articles I had read about him in various golfing magazines.  The themes were always about his unorthodox golf swing and his uncanny golfing ability coupled with eccentricities that were almost too many to list. It was pro-am day at the CWO and I was stationed outside of the spectator ropes at the driving range watching the golfers warm up since that day’s event had yet to start.  I began chatting with a fellow next to me who I soon found out was an agent representing two female Canadian Olympians who were on the range and would be playing in the pro-am.  I remember that one of the women was a hockey player who would go on to win gold at the summer games that year in Athens, Greece. As we were talking an odd looking man started walking...

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More Memories From 2011…

Mo’Golf inspired me last week when he gave thanks for his favorite golf memories of 2011. I’ve always believed it’s important to look back for a short time before we begin moving forward. I’m hopeful Scrambler, Rico and everyone else on the site will jump in with their thoughts. Top Five Golf Memories 2011 ~ The Bethpage Binge – Mo’Golf talked about how he was grateful for the entire trip – which I agree with ten times over. However, I have a distinct moment that stands out during the trip. At one point on day two of the trip when we were playing both Bethpage Yellow and Bethpage Red, I looked at Moh and said “I have no idea what time it is right now.” I hadn’t checked a cell phone or a clock all day. I’d just played golf with good friends. I don’t think there’s been a moment since that day that I haven’t been absolutely tuned in to time and schedule since….here’s to more moments like that in 2012. ~ The 2011 Porter Cup – I have never seen any live golf event as electric as Patrick Rodgers magical charge on the back nine of the Niagara Falls Country Club during the 2011 Porter Cup. Rodgers started with a bogey and then tossed two eagles and a gritty birdie on the long Par 3 16th hole...

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