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The Memorial = Drama

If you want drama in your life today, The Memorial looks like it’s ready for a roller coaster of a Sunday afternoon. Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler will don their respective Sunday red and orange and take pursuit of Spencer...

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New Histories Each Week

I recently did some reading about the need for India to urbanize over the next four decades. The articles I read had nothing to do with golf, golf courses and/or golf equipment. However, the articles referenced an interesting...

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Lost In The Trees – But No Longer

Let me begin with an apology – Dear BuffaloGolfer writers, readers and any and all in between – I’m sorry for disappearing over the past few months. Over the past few months, I felt like a Titleist I sliced...

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In Defense of Elkdale’s #11

At some point this weekend, the polls will close and Elkdale’s #11 will not have secured the best 11th hole in Western New York title. The hole’s inability to secure the title will not dampen my love for it one bit....

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Bubba Wins Bubba’s Way

Do you want to know what’s crazy about the ridiculous shot Bubba Watson authored on the second playoff hole at Augusta National Sunday evening to win The Masters? It really wasn’t that hard. I’m serious, it wasn’t. Sure, it was...

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