Let me begin with an apology – Dear BuffaloGolfer writers, readers and any and all in between – I’m sorry for disappearing over the past few months.

Over the past few months, I felt like a Titleist I sliced into the trees, like a 4-iron thrown into the ocean by an angry golfer, like Eldrick’s swing – I simply couldn’t be found. I’d write once in a while, but never with the passion or interest you deserved. Over the past few weeks I just stopped entirely. I’d rather disappear than do something half-assed.

But, I’m back. I promise. This time it’s for real. Life became crazy there for a while. I haven’t slept nearly enough over the past three months – but such is life. Other than The Masters – I haven’t watched a lick of golf. I haven’t played since 2011. I miss the game. I miss the discussions. I miss golf.

Do I have any wise words to share at this time? Not really. I didn’t see Rickie win yesterday, but I’m excited by the breakthrough. Tiger missed the cut and I honestly am beginning to doubt he’ll ever win another major. I don’t think we fully understand the mental trauma his personal life implosion had on him. I’m not saying we should feel sorry at all – I’m saying we shouldn’t expect him to return to pre-fire hydrant Tiger.

Locally – what an incredible weekend in regard to weather. I wanted to golf but I had to study. I wont let another weekend like that get away.

I am back. I want to climb atop tee boxes and write all about it. I am back, and it feels so good.