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Masters Week Is Here

I enjoy watching great golf probably more than I enjoy playing the game. That’s a crazy thought for many golfers who measure their summers by rounds played and strokes saved. But, in all honesty, I’d rather watch...

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The Pressure Is On Tiger

Tiger Woods won last week for the first time in over two years. His game, which has steadily been progressing over the past couple months, seems to be back at an elite level. That used to spell doom for fellow competitors,...

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Our Best Is Among The Best

There’s been a column in my head for the past few weeks that I’ve been trying to write to complement our series of, “The Best Holes In WNY.” Essentially, I’ve been kicking around ideas on how to...

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St. Patrick’s Day Musings….

Quick thoughts on this day that celebrates the Irish…. ~ If anyone deserves a great day on St. Patricks Day that might propel him to a win, it’s Padraig Harrington. Paddy’s irish heart is always evident as he...

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#7 At SBU

I don’t have enough toes and fingers to count the times I’ve played the 9-hole track at St. Bonaventure University. I played the course as a young boy who grew up in the area and also as a student at the university....

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