It was a scene Tim Finchem could never have imagined five years ago.

The PGA Headquarters media room filled with onlookers and reporters, all hanging on to every word Lebron James uttered. All searching for just why and when James was deciding to pursue golf in the midst of his famous basketball career.

“I’ve decided to take my talents to the PGA Tour for a one time event…”

“Living in Miami has afforded me more time to work on my game.. I’m a competitor and I like a challenge… this make sense.”

“This isn’t like MJ with baseball… this is me giving this a one-time shot. I’ll probably try to play an event or two a year based on the hoops schedule.”

On a day when the golfing world would traditionally be focused on who was going to fill the final Masters spots, Lebron James stole the show. James announced he will indeed tee it up in a PGA Tour event this August.

James picked up the game a few years back and has continued to develop his skills while living in Miami. He conceded his putting may need some work.

“I’m not going to go out and chase down Tiger or Jack. I’m not saying the need to start making the green jacket in extra tall… but we’re going to have some fun. You all know how much I hate to lose.”

James has yet to announce the specific event in which he’ll play but did confirm it will occur in August. It’s fair to imagine the details will leak over the weeks ahead. With the Miami Heat squarely locked into a playoff chase and the pursuit of an NBA Title – James admitted he’ll have to juggle his schedule.

“The goal is to win the NBA title and then win a whole bunch more. But, I wouldn’t mind a PGA Championship or two in there, as well.”

… and with that… April Fools everyone. Enjoy your day.