There’s been a column in my head for the past few weeks that I’ve been trying to write to complement our series of, “The Best Holes In WNY.” Essentially, I’ve been kicking around ideas on how to express the thought that we’re not just identifying great holes in Western New York – we’re identifying great holes…that happen to be in Western New York.

If you’re a golfer who has traveled the country. you’re probably heard the following exchange…

Local: “Where do you play usually?”
You: “I’m from Buffalo, NY, actually…”
Local: “Oh yeah, are there any good courses buried under that snow.”

The national perception of this great region impact the way our golf courses and golfers are perceived, as well. Never mind that the unbearable heat in the South makes courses often unplayable during the summer. Never mind that winter isn’t a 12-month season in Buffalo and we actually do get out for some golf. People hear “Buffalo” and they think snow, they don’t usually think golf.

Stemming from that is this perception that our courses may not be as adequate or up to snub. If anything, the voting process over the past few weeks on has put that to rest. There are enough great golf holes in this area with character, challenging shots and beautiful vistas to spend a lifetime exploring. Great golf in WNY is no different than great golf anywhere.

This weekend I read Donn Esmonde’s column in The Buffalo News about how Buffalo needs to stop caring about what others think of it. It’s true. If people can’t get past the national misconception that we’re the North Pole’s sister, that’s their loss. If people dismiss the region as a place full of great golf – they’re going to miss out on fairways that we’re all blessed to walk.

It’s been a blast hosting the votes on our site each week. Each day the BuffaloGolfer team talks about how many hits we’ve had and who’s voting for which hole. Honestly, we don’t care who wins – we’re just happy to see people taking pride in their courses and holes.

The votes are destined to determine the best holes around us, but in truth, the votes are reminding us just how great we all have it.