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Operation Don’t Suck – 2012

Harvest Hill emailed me yesterday, they’ll be open March 15 for golf. I guess the new season is approaching fast. If you followed the blog last year you know I made it a mission of mine to improve as a golfer. I called...

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What do I see?

During 75-minute car rides to and from Rochester last weekend for the annual Golf Show, Mo Golf informed me that he’d posted an article I’d penned in fun and innocence about how the first few golf holes at a course...

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he said, HE SAID on Golf Lessons

In the fifth slap-off of he said, HE SAID, The Mouth and Mo’ Golf go at it over lessons and practice. Mo’ prefers to spend his hard-earned cash on golfing bling while The Mouth says, dude, get some help!MO’...

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