I don’t have enough toes and fingers to count the times I’ve played the 9-hole track at St. Bonaventure University. I played the course as a young boy who grew up in the area and also as a student at the university.

The SBU course has character. During a nine-hole walk you might dodge water balloons being shot from college students dorm room windows, lose a ball in a grave yard and/or doink one off a passing train.

It is not a great course in the typical sense, but it is a great place. It’s the kind of course Rick Reilly would write a golf book about. There are a zillion stories about the regulars, students and once-comers that could put a smile on your face.

Mo’ Golf told me the 7th hole at SBU would be in contention for the best 7tb hole in Western New York a few weeks back.  It made me smile and think of the countless times I played it.

The 7th requires a well-placed tee shot. There are trees and OB down the right and a creek that dangerously hugs the left side. The hole sets up for a player who can work the ball left to right.

The second shot is uphill, often into the wind and aimed at a small green. Land short and the ball will come back at you with pace. Go over the green and chip back at your own peril.

The Bona course is worth the trip if you’ve never played it. Bring your A game when you stand atop the 7th tee deck. Bring an extra shirt for the water balloons.


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