Carolina Romero is known on Twitter and the rest of the internet as the Fit Golfer Girl. Multilingual and enthralled with health and wellness, Ms. Romero seeks to educate golfers on the value of fitness in their lives and their games. Carolina took time out to answer our questions for the 2018 Interview Series, and it is our pleasure to present her responses to you. Make a commitment to improve the fitness of your life and game in 2018, and begin here, with Carolina Romero!
1. Tell us a bit about yourself, growing up, and how you got into golf and fitness.
I grew up in Bogota, Colombia. Both my parents are golfers so I got a taste of the sport early in life. When I was about 9 years old I started playing competitively. I played NCAA division I golf at the University of South Florida where I developed my love for fitness.

2. What about golf lends itself to, or separates itself from, fitness?

Fitness is the foundation to everything. The goal of a  good fitness program should be to allow you to move optimally so that you can do any activity in the most efficient and effective way. Without a good fitness program, any activity (even sitting) can lead to pain and injury, that’s why it’s so important for golfers to take care of their bodies.

3. We stumbled onto you on Twitter. What is the role of social media in spreading the word of FitGolferGirl, and which ones do you use?

Social media has allowed me to spread my message all around the world and it’s behind the success of Fit Golfer Girl. I am currently on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

4. What part of developing your fitness program was the most challenging, and how did you overcome the challenges it presented?

The most challenging part of creating fitness programs for my clients is to find the right combination of exercises that will help them improve.
My strategy is always to find the root of the problem and use fitness to correct it.
5. A lot of folks make online purchases, then bemoan the fact that “they didn’t help me much.” How do you avoid this result, as best you can, with your products and videos?
How much a program helps a golfer depends on a few factors. First, the program needs to be designed with the needs of the individual in mind for it to be successful. Second, just like in golf, patience and discipline are required. Results take time and consistency. My most successful clients are disciplined, make no excuses, and rarely miss a workout.
6. What element of fitness is most misunderstood by the average Joelle and average Joe?
Tiger Woods squatting 400 lbs is what comes to most people’s minds when they think golf fitness. It is true that strength training is a part of it, however,, there is so much more than that!
Even if you have never worked out a day in your life, golf fitness can help you improve your game and prevent injury without lifting a single weight.
Aspects of golf fitness such as mobility and muscle activation can have a huge impact on many golfers, unfortunately, this is the side of golf fitness that no one gets to see.
This is also the side of golf fitness that I am hoping to show the world via social media so that more golfers realize that golf fitness can also help them.
7. How’s your own game these days? What are your strong and weak points, and what do you plan to do about them?
I have been practicing more lately and this has helped my game a lot. My mid and short irons are my strength. My confidence has always been very high with these clubs. My biggest weakness is hitting consistent straight drivers. Recently got a new fitted driver that has helped me a lot, but for now I need to continue to practice to regain the confidence I need at the golf course.

8. If you could make one wish come true for every golfer, regarding her/his fitness, what would it be?

I would make sure everyone’s glutes are activated and strong! The glutes are the most important muscle in golf, however, a big percentage of golfers have lost their ability to use them. Underactive glutes will reduce your power and stability during the golf swing, and will make you more prone to injury.

9. What question has no one ever asked you about golf, that you would love to answer? Ask it and answer it, please.

Mmm… probably something related to whether they should get new clubs.
My answer 95% of the times will be no. Beginner to medium level golfers are better off investing their money in golf lessons and golf fitness training. These two things plus practice will make them better golfers guaranteed. Not even the latest technology golf clubs can help a golfer with poor technique, faulty biomechanics, no discipline, and no consistency.
Save your money, practice, get better, work on your body.
Once you reach a higher level, go ahead and get those golf clubs!