“I remember when the roof came down, laddie. There was snow everywhere and folks wondered if she’d ever be raised again. Now take a look…whoo-whooo.” That’s my kind of old-timer, raising the roof. I recall driving east from Grand Island, looking to the park and not seeing the dome. Stunned, I later learned that the snow had brought it down and that a new, more durable skin would be brought in to replace the failed one.


I was reminded of this element when I spoke on Sunday with John Edholm, Jr., one of the partners in the Sports Zone at the Dome. The Zone is about a month old and is one of the few weather-resistant, golf-related businesses in the region. John gave me a brief history of the cement portion of the Paddock dome, as his family has a vested interest.

A dozen years ago, back in aught-one, Josh Edholm and his father, John Edholm, Sr., opened The Gallery Grill, a restaurant and tavern know for wonderful food and a convivial tap room atmosphere. A year ago, when the Golf Discount store closed, the Edholms did their due diligence on acquiring a portion of that space for a banquet facility.


Today, the Gallery Grill has a 100-person space across the hall and is taking banquet reservations.
Enter John Edholm, Jr., who partnered with Erik Lugris, a software expert, to develop The Sports Zone, a seven-station simulator extravaganza. Along with grandpa’s favorite game (Zombie Dodgeball!), the simulators offer hockey, baseball, soccer, football … and golf. Boy, do they offer golf!


The E6 simulator utilizes 8 ceiling cameras and three ground sensor strips to calculate club head speed and direction, launch angle, club face angle and other interesting data. I found it to be very accurate, especially with my irons. NOTE: If you are THAT GUY who believes that his level-best, concrete-fairway, downwind-downhill, career drive of 300 yards is your average, lighten up and clue in. This technology will let you know what you really do with a golf club and how you truly impact a golf ball.

Golf Buddies!

Golf Buddies!

I decided to demo the Pacific Dunes golf course. I played it seven years ago in person, along the southern coast of Oregon. Minus the ocean salt and breezes, this felt pretty similar to the original. I cannot wait to get back and play Pebble Beach and some others that I’ll NEVER afford in real life.

The Sports Zone at The Dome is a family-friendly environment. It represents an ideal place to hold birthday and graduation parties, charity events or casual get-togethers with buddies or office mates, and the weather is always amazing inside!

Family Friendly!

Family Friendly!