St. Bonaventure University completed the 2011 golf season with a tie for 7th at the Atlantic Ten Championships. Associate athletic director for internal operations Stephen Campbell took some time to answer a few questions on the team and its goals for the future.

St. Bonaventure Men's Golf Team

St. Bonaventure Men's Golf Team







1. What does your program provide that is unique to college golf?

Although not unique anymore SBU has an indoor putting green (synthetic) that allows for excellent short game practice during the winter months. Numerous area courses to practice on which helps prepare for different tournaments/different types of courses.

2. Where does your team have practice access and what does this course access contribute to your program?

We primarily utilize Bartlett CC. Which is also the site of our annual St. Bonaventure Keenan Collegiate Invitational.  Excellent relationship with Golf professional, members and staff.  Have access to other area courses but Bartlett CC is tremendous and our program and university greatly appreciate what they do for SBU.

3. What fitness/non-golf activities do you employ and how do they make your team members better, fitter golfers?

Off season (Nov-Feb) training program with our strength and conditioning coach. Cardio training and some innovative techniques to enhance flexibility.

4. What short-term goals do you have for your team and how will you reach them?

To succeed both athletically and academically. To be as competitive as possible within the Atlantic Ten Conference and to challenge for tournament titles.  Work harder than our opponents and to play each day realizing you are playing the golf course not the name on the side of the bag of your opponent. In other words don’t back down from any challenge but face each challenge with a great mindset and to play within your abilities.

5. How much does a player’s potential go into the recruiting process?

Plays a very important factor.  Obviously has to be a strong student first and foremost however a student athlete has to have potential to develop and grow. Their work ethic and mental toughness are paramount as well.

6. What factor do golfing alumni play in your program?

We have a good number of alums who are involved in the golf profession.  While many are supportive in a financial sense others have been involved in hiring recent grads to work at their respective courses and others are very giving of their time to work with the team on occasion.

7. Golf is an individual sport that is played in team format at the collegiate level. How do you balance players’ individual and team goals?

Without hesitation players need to be coachable and willing to sacrifice individual accolades for the good of the team. There is no secret that 4 is better than 5 and 5 is better than 6 and 77 is better than 78. Getting guys to realize that there are 4 other guys counting on you and every shot matters is critical.  The ability to not let rounds get away from you and keep your score respectable is a challenge but the key to success.

8. How does the weather affect your training program during the winter?  How do you combat it?

Everyone deals with weather.  We make no excuse for who are and where we are located.  Make the most of indoor practice sessions (pay attention to detail and do the right things) so you can do your best when you do get outside.  Don’t be a hero. Keep the ball in play and do not beat yourself on the greens.  Bogeys do not kill a college golfers scorecard…double’s do as more times than not they combat that with forcing the issue and trying to get those strokes back too quickly. Sometimes you need to swallow your pride. Put the driver away or lag a putt to ensure you get down in two.

9. What areas of the country are your key recruiting areas?

Primarily western NY (Buffalo area, Rochester along with the Ithaca and Binghamton area.  Northwestern PA as well as well as Ontario.

10.  What element besides weather could make collegiate golf in western New York better/How can the existing programs work together to make better college golf in WNY?

Additional scholarship would be the most important area of improvement for our
program.  Keeping the best players in the state or region in WNY would be an asset
however programs need to have the scholarship resources to win the recruiting