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Scrambler at The Masters – The Patron Experience

The morning finally arrived this Tuesday for the Patron Experience at The Masters.  I had been looking forward to this since I was a teenager, and when Mo’ Golf won the Practice Round Ticket Lottery, the dream became a reality.  The alarm was set for 5:30 am, but that was moot, as the house was buzzing with activity long before that.  We headed out from our Atlanta-area house, and set many land-speed records on Route 20 to Augusta.  And Augusta National Golf Club makes this a special experience for anyone lucky enough to calm themselves a Patron.  I had...

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Best Holes in WNY – 3 Hole Checkpoint Features

The “Best Holes in WNY” series seems to be a hit among our readers.  We’ve had more volume and poll participation than any other series we’ve ran, so we’re taking this opportunity to add some features.  Every three holes, we plan on incorporating the following: Rochester’s Input – Our “Lyon’s Den” contributor (JNC) hails from the Flower City, and immediately questioned the exclusion of Ra-Cha-Cha holes from the nominees.  After reminding him of the BuffaloGolfer name, it was decided to keep the poll series to Buffalo-area holes.  However, we certainly don’t want to ignore the rich golf contributions of our Eastern neighbors, so JNC will be providing his analysis of the Best Rochester Holes (here’s hole one & hole two) Tri-Hole “Snub” Poll – Given the nature of these polls, it’s inevitable that some holes may be overlooked.  The Scrambler and Mouth have been adding their thoughts on on missing nominees through the process.  After every 3 holes, we will add a poll for you to vote among those holes that were given “honorable mention.”  The Poll will also include an “Other” option, and you can add your own nominees in the comments section. (Vote for Holes 1-3 here) Poll Results Recap – We will also run an article recapping the poll results for each trifecta.  We will feature the holes that garnered the most votes and delve a little deeper into why each hole warranted such...

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Best in WNY – “Honorable Mention” Poll: Holes 1-3

The votes have been tallied among the nominees for holes 1-3.  But you couldn’t vote for any of the holes that were “snubbed” by the Nomination Committee… …..until now. Below are the holes that were deemed worthy of consideration, but overlooked in the initial polling.  Some were featured by the Scrambler, others by the Mouth, and others by various readers.  We want you to tell us which course should be given “Honorable Mention” among the opening trifecta of holes in WNY. [poll id=”27″] Like this:Like...

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Best Holes in WNY: Scrambler’s Omission Series #3

You may note that I left out the word “Glaring” from this edition’s title, as I think our nominees are pretty stout.  We’d love for people to leave some comments as to why they enjoy their particular holes.  But more importantly, let us know which holes we may have overlooked or under-appreciated. So far, it looks like a battle of Par 5s between Ironwood and Transit Valley, but here’s a few worthy Par 4s for your consideration: Peek n Peak – Par 4 – 345 yards This one may have been overlooked due to its distance from downtown Buffalo, but since it’s a mere 5 miles from the Pennsylvania border, it surely qualifies as Western NY. Of course, this hole features the jaw-dropping “hill & valley” aesthetics that bless our region, but it’s more than just window dressing.  Played from the appropriate tees, this is a drivable par 4, offering a range of options from the tee.  You can experience the thrill of watching a perfectly launched drive hang in the air for an eternity, then landing for a rare Eagle putt.  Or you can enjoy the satisfaction of a well conceived lay-up, followed by the execution of a deft wedge to an elevated green. Byrncliff- Par 4 – 423 yards Yes, I know that I have included Byrncliff in both “Omissions” listings so far.  But if Crag Burn...

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Best Holes in WNY-Glaring Omission Series: Hole 2

It seems like we’ve found a topic that our readers feel passionate about.  The “Best 2nd Hole” Poll has registered more views & votes than any other topic we’ve posted on  One Twitter follower insisted that Crag Burn be nominated for all 18 holes.  Clearly, it’s a subject that people feel strongly about. Now, it’s time to ask you, our readers, to chime in even more. In the spirit of Mouth / Mo’s “he said, HE SAID” series, I’m here to add my $0.02 to the list of poll nominees.  Just like every Academy Award Nomination event features notable “snubs”, it’s inevitable that a poll of the 8 “Best” nominees will generate some controversy. In conjunction with our new Poll Series, I will be featuring the 1 or 2 holes in Western New York that I feel are glaring omissions from the list of nominees.  But, I want to hear more from you as well.  Comment on Facebook, call us morons on Twitter, or leave your anonymous comments in WordPress, but we want you to tell us what holes are wrongly omitted from our Poll Series. More importantly, tell us why.  “Best Golf Holes” is a topic fraught with subjectivity and a wide range of preferences.  To some, “Best” means “most difficult” while others may think it’s “most inspiring” or “most strategic.”  But now that we see that people...

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Huey Lewis & Ivy Ridge – “Gotta Get Back in Time”

As Mo’ Golf previewed, we grabbed another round this Sunday morning out at the Links at Ivy Ridge.  But this was no normal round of Golf. After watching “Golf in the Kingdom” Saturday afternoon, I revisited the influential Michael Murphy novel.  The book delves into the mystical and spiritual aspects of Golf, and if anything will pique your desire to play a more old-school, primative version of the game, this is it. After digging in the shed and making some phone calls, I arrived at the first tee with the above tools. When I first read GITK about a decade ago, I showed up at the Elma Men’s Club the next day armed with a new lease on my golfing life.  I got off to a slow start, which led one of my buddies to ask me why I was still smiling: “Kev, you’re not doing so well.  Why are you in such a good mood?” “Gary, the game’s about so much more than that. It’s all in the walking.” “Kev, I’m worried about you.” With a renewed Zen approach in my mind, I channeled my inner Shivas Irons. I loved my Toney Penna  Woods, and used the 3-Wood all the way through 2008.  Unfortunately, my Penna Driver lost its whipping, so the head now shifts on the downswing.  As a result, I had to use a mixed set, with the...

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