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Scrambler at The Masters – The Patron Experience

The morning finally arrived this Tuesday for the Patron Experience at The Masters.  I had been looking forward to this since I was a teenager, and when Mo’ Golf won the Practice Round Ticket Lottery, the dream became a reality.  The alarm was set for 5:30 am, but that was moot, as the house was buzzing with activity long before that.  We headed out from our Atlanta-area house, and set many land-speed records on Route 20 to Augusta.  And Augusta National Golf Club makes this a special experience for anyone lucky enough to calm themselves a Patron.  I had...

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Best Holes in Buffalo-Niagara: Scrambler’s Omission Series ~ 5th Hole

As always, with over 60 courses in the Buffalo-Niagara region, it’s inevitable that limiting the candidates down to 8 finalists will leave some worthy courses on the outside looking in.  In this week’s edition, we have a meaty par-4 and two short par 4s that just missed the cut-line for voting: Ironwood ~ 457 yard Par 4 Scott Witter’s offering in Cowlesville features a number of shorter risk/reward holes, but in the middle of the front nine, the golfer is suddenly confronted with a stout test.  Ironwood’s 5th features an “over-the-rise” tee shot, which is one of my favorite architectural design features.  Resist the temptation to hug the right side of the tree line – the fairway moves more to the left than you think.   After cresting the hill of the drive zone, the hole cascades back down to one of the better greens in the region.  The kidney shape of the putting surface confounds distance judgment, and tilts severely from left-to-right.  Any miss short and left will leave a slippery pitch that will easily run off the green. Country Club of Buffalo ~ 301 yard Par 4 I suspect this hole may have been a victim of its proximity to one of the iconic holes in the Northeast, yet alone Buffalo-Niagara.  Since the “Volcano Hole” 6th at CCB garners the most attention, it’s understandable that the lead-up...

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Best in Buffalo-Niagara Omissions: Open Invitation to be Heard

Believe me, we love it when we get called out by our readers for holes they feel were overlooked.  If you feel passionate about it, let your voice be heard.  I get a chance to express my opinions on omitted holes each week.  But why should I be the only one? I will extend this invitation.  If you want to write a post espousing a certain hole, use the “Contact Us” page.   It can be as short or long as you want, and feature photos / video, if you choose.  We will gladly format it & add it to our homepage for the world to see. Like this:Like...

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Best in WNY: Scrambler’s Omissions ~ Hole 4

My input is a little late this week, but I was busy working some overtime so I could play Terry Hills on Wednesday. The Southtowns masses have spoken, and our poll seems to have identified Holiday Valley, Tri-County and Byrncliff among the favorites.  In keeping with that theme, my two 4th hole omissions will head towards the Snow Belt. Elma Meadows ~ 353 yard Par 4 One of the best designed short par 4’s in the area, illustrating the best principles of strategic design.  Options abound off the tee, and the more risk taken off the tee, the easier the approach. The most prominent feature of the hole is a single large and wide maple tree 210 yards from the tee to the left-center, creating a slight dogleg left with a relatively narrow fairway. However, an out-of-bounds fence runs the length of the hole to the right, causing many slicers additional worry.  The hole does allow room to bail out left of the maple tree, but a group of tall trees just short and left of the green precludes any airborn approach off that conservative play. The ideal tee shot flirts with OB down the right side of the fairway, leaving the best angle to the green, especially when the pin is hidden in the back left corner. Holland Hills ~ 521 yard Par 5 The vertical movement of this...

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Scrambled Thoughts – Pebble Beach Wrap-Up

Several random musings from the Scrambler from the weekend: Mickelson and Woods – One Picture Says It All It’s been almost 17 months since the last Phil/Tiger Pairing, but Sunday at Pebble Beach sent TV Ratings skyward.  And viewers saw two men at vastly different points in their lives. Think about the status of Tiger’s relationship with Steve Williams, and then consider the image of Phil with Bones Mackay.  The bro-hug photo that swept the internet perfectly juxtaposes the status of their careers right now. You can sense the joyous moment that Bones & Phil are sharing –  a feeling that they accomplished something as a team.  That they have stuck together through the good & bad and now can savor the moment.  They appear relaxed, peaceful and contented. Even when  Tiger was winning, his 72nd hole photos had a burning intensity, the satisfaction of knowing “I just kicked everyone’s a$$.”  But now, the winning isn’t there, the Sunday Mystique seems lost, and there is no longer the same caddy that shared the whole journey. 10 minutes after this photo, the contrast was displayed again, as Mickelson shared an embrace with his long-time wife, Amy.  If Tiger does return to the winner’s circle, who will be there to share it? But the differences between the two golfers isn’t just in the caddy & marital relationships – it has extended...

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Best Holes in WNY – 3 Hole Checkpoint Features

The “Best Holes in WNY” series seems to be a hit among our readers.  We’ve had more volume and poll participation than any other series we’ve ran, so we’re taking this opportunity to add some features.  Every three holes, we plan on incorporating the following: Rochester’s Input – Our “Lyon’s Den” contributor (JNC) hails from the Flower City, and immediately questioned the exclusion of Ra-Cha-Cha holes from the nominees.  After reminding him of the BuffaloGolfer name, it was decided to keep the poll series to Buffalo-area holes.  However, we certainly don’t want to ignore the rich golf contributions of our Eastern neighbors, so JNC will be providing his analysis of the Best Rochester Holes (here’s hole one & hole two) Tri-Hole “Snub” Poll – Given the nature of these polls, it’s inevitable that some holes may be overlooked.  The Scrambler and Mouth have been adding their thoughts on on missing nominees through the process.  After every 3 holes, we will add a poll for you to vote among those holes that were given “honorable mention.”  The Poll will also include an “Other” option, and you can add your own nominees in the comments section. (Vote for Holes 1-3 here) Poll Results Recap – We will also run an article recapping the poll results for each trifecta.  We will feature the holes that garnered the most votes and delve a little deeper into why each hole warranted such...

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