I had to laugh when I finally saw a Bones ad that I liked. Let me explain: Bones is Jim Mackay, Phil Mickelson’s caddy since forever. He is employed by Callaway, same as Phil. Callaway jumped on the “let’s make a trendy series of humorous commercials” bandwagon that begat the Ben-Crane-Is-Funny and Golf Boys mash-ups.

Callaway has Bones answering phones, raking flower beds, making lunch and testing product. In the first one, he has a great exchange with a denial-ridden golfer, telling him he can’t help if the guy won’t fess up how far he REALLY hits his seven iron. The middle two are smile-worthy. It’s the last one that really had me a-chuckle.

Take a quick detour from whatever you normally do on the web to view these Bones blurbs.