Chris Covelli lives in Buffalo and qualified in 2011 for the Porter Cup, where he tied for 76th. After a respite from the game, Covelli returned in full force to competition this year, finishing 5th in the year-long district points race, buoyed by a runner-up finish at the BDGA Individual championship. He recently competed in the inaugural South Beach International Amateur championship, where he tied for 51st. He took time out from work and training to answer a few questions for BuffaloGolfer.1. How’d you hear about the tournament? It’s the first running of the event.

Steve Denn [Porter Cup tournament director] told me about it this fall.

2. What can you say about Normandy Shores and Miami Beach golf clubs? Do they compare with anything we have in western New York?

Both courses were great tests. They looked very easy on the score card but both courses demanded straight tee shots and accurate approaches. They were in great shape, especially the greens. They don’t compare to anything in buffalo – Florida golf is so much different in my mind.

3. Describe your week for us…practice rounds, preparation, four rounds of competition.

I arrived last Saturday and played a practice round at each course. Took notes and practiced after each competitive round.

4. Did you use a caddy? If so, who and how’d you find her/him?

no caddy.

5. You got out to a great start with 69, then struggled for a couple days. Was the 69 that good or did you lose it a bit?

I am playing very well. I had a handful of very bad holes – I had 7 holes in which I played 16 over par. So 65 holes of even par golf. Need to work on eliminating the big numbers!!!

6. What did you find between rounds three and four that took you to a 73 on Friday? Should it have been better?

[I] didn’t really find anything, just kept making good swings and tried very hard on staying focused. Still tripled my 9th hole tho..

7. What does your competitive schedule look like for this year?

It looks good. I’m playing the Azalea in March and hopefully the Terra Cotta in April and the a full summer schedule with the intention of going to Q school in the fall as an amateur.