Tom’s Bonus Tip – Inverted Praying Hands Drill Q&A

The Inverted Praying Hands Drill – http://www.tomtuckergolf.com/drillprayhands.html
is one if my favorites to help quell a “hit” impulse at release.

I had a student ask me this question last week, here it is with the answer, (this
student happens to be a lefty, so righties – reverse the positions for a change) 🙂 :

Q: Tom, Do I use the inverted praying hands position for all clubs including my driver?

A: Hi xxxx, for every club in your bag, as a left handed player, at impact the
right wrist should be flat or bent back slightly (towards your palm),
and your left wrist should be cupped – bent back away from the palm.

These positions can be practiced with the inverted praying hands drill, although
in the drill we are overemphasizing the amount of wrist bend in order to
train the hands and wrists to get the right amount at impact – when the club
feels heavier than when you swing hands alone.

Note that there are specialty shots where you actually let the clubhead
pass the hands – the answer above pertains to stock swing shots.