Never mind that three of BG.C’s finest will be at the Kiwanis Scramble at Ironwood today; the real news on Saturday, the 6th of August, 2011, comes in the form of Jake Katz smoking a 7-birdie 66 to take a 4-bang lead at the BDGA Men’s Indy and Shakira revealing a swing worth fighting for!

Katz in the lead in WNY is no surprise. Not since Tim Hume in the mid-1990s have we had a dude so relentless in his domination. He won last year at Tri-County and is on the cusp (don’t kiss the trophy, Jake!) of a second title. Katz has also earned 2 consecutive BDGA match play titles, both alarming conquests. This is probably Katz’ swan song in the amateur ranks, as his collegiate career is finished and the professional dream looms. Head out to Brookfield today to see the lad attempt to finish off a stellar, local amateur career.

Shakira, Shakira, you know her hips don’t lie…neither does her golf swing, as seen here on this video. At about the 2:25 mark, she and her friend decide they should separate a bit; I personally thought the friend would kill Shakira before this moment, given how close she is and how clueless she seems about the golf swing. Then, at the 2:35 mark, the magic moment occurs-I had to watch it twice to figure out what happened. Clearly, the Colombian Shakira has had some tutelage at the hands of countryman Camilo Villegas. Her setup and swing are pretty solid for a part-time player.