Never one to miss an opportunity or decline a challenge, the tournament that awards the famed green jacket to its winner has announced plans to sponsor and host a concurrent kayaking event in 2016. “We recalled the uniqueness of the boating viewers at the 2015 USGA Women’s Open at Lancaster Country Club and thought that our Rae’s Creek might feature as nicely as the Conestoga River did up north,” offered a representative of the Augusta (Ga) Waffle House. “To go a step farther, we thought, let’s eliminate the passivity of viewing and create a simultaneous competition, perhaps for this year, perhaps the foreseeable future, perhaps forever.”

Current river levels are being measured and estimated for early April, to ensure that kayakers are kept safe from low bridges and errant golf shots. If needed, an upstream hydroproject will adjust levels to add or remove rapids. The winner will receive a green helmet. to be worn only on the grounds (or waters) of the famed golfing club.

Dateline: 1 April 2016