The Peek’n Peak Resort welcomes the Web.Com Tour to the southern Tier of New York State for the Lecom Health Challenge. Just before the closing stretch, holes 13-15 offer the great mid-iron players an opportunity to position themselves for a stretch run. Hole 14 is a daunting par four, turning right as the fairway slopes left. On either end of it is a challenging, par-3 hole, ranging from 175 to 200 yards, depending on tee location. Competitors who strike those approach irons deftly will find themselves with a change to post a few birdies, prior to the closing gauntlet. Here’a s look at the middle triumvirate of Peek’n Peak’s back nine.

Hole 15

When faced with a piece of broken ground, architect A.W. Tillinghast would place the tee boxes on one cliff, and locate the putting surface across the void. Such is the case at hole 15, where architect John Exley saw the maw and created a daunting, one-shot hole. The tee sits on high ground, with the green some 20 feet below. The moss sits at a 20-degree angle to the tee box, and features a right-to-left cant, with forward and rear tiers. Those looking to make par and move on, will be faced with a challenge. The golfer with guts might hole a longish putt here to keep momentum alive.

Hole 14

In our minds, the toughest hole on the golf course. No striking visual features distract the eye, but unless the ball moves left-to-right off the tee, the uphill approach shot to the elevated green is a match for anyone. Woe to the golfer whose tee shot slides left; recovery from the rough or the parallel hazard might be too much to ask. Three bunkers guard the inside edge, forcing the corner-cutter to risk it all, on the path to birdie. A front-left sand pit penalizes those who come up short. Sadly, a challenge or two will surely be derailed at the fearsome fourteenth. 

Hole 13

Of the back nine’s middle stretch, this hole offers the finest opportunity for birdie, but beware. If your tee ball tries for too much, it might find itself off the back edge, or in the left-side bunker. The green is quite large, allowing the world’s best putters a showcase for birdie runs.