Another postponement, thanks to the business of the holidays. My trainer, Marie Achkar, was accommodating and let me push session five back a week. At this stage, I’m less likely to fudge my way through a session that I’m not properly prepared for. I let her know that I hadn’t been able to properly complete all the tasks we had set; she agreed that a solid lead-in week to the fifth meeting would be beneficial.

I learned squat on Saturday. Literally, I learned to squat properly. I would favor my right leg/side when I dropped down, so we made a correction and now I do it properly. Did this compensation affect walking, standing, my golf swing? We’ll find out. I will say this…of the measurable outcomes to date, the golf swing has improved in its stability. Granted the conditions I played from Thanksgiving through the Cold Spell in mid-January were not ideal, my swings were balanced and forceful.

After the squat was mastered, we added another piece to it, a dynamic, vertical element using a step. As with the other exercises, there’s no hiding from this one. The balance factor is key, and is based entirely on how each individual leg/knee works. If I wobble, I need to stabilize. When I stabilize, I need to maintain it for successive reps.

Push-ups. Gym class heroes kick these out in the dozens. I learned yesterday that I was using my upper back to compensate for my weaker abs and glutes, and that I had best begin my push-up from the core (the lower abs and glutes) or I’d not be benefiting completely from the exercise. Less with quality always trumps more without.

It’s safe to say that I’ve got twenty years of age on Marie and, me being a teacher of sorts, it’s enlightening to watch a new generation of instructor, especially one from a different discipline, develop her manner and system. What I’ve enjoyed most in our quintet of sessions, taking a step back, is her professional approach and her receptive demeanor. It’s apparent from the bell that Marie melds a complete desire for her client’s evolution with an ability to disarm and communicate the necessary structural elements.

Having a new vocabulary that counts duck butt, clam shells, glute bridge and other terminology isn’t daunting in the least. For what it’s worth, my dome session on Friday night was stellar. My trust in my swing is complete; focusing on posture and strength of muscle groups takes my mind away from fidgeting. My established base eliminates any need to suspect other elements and I can swing freely. If this snow could go away and give us some additional stolen holes, I’d be delighted. Visit Marie’s website for program and contact information.