Welcome to our newest sponsor, Chestnut Hill Country Club in Darien Center, New York. We have been informed that Chestnut Hill has 2011 10-Round Passbooks for sale. Trouble is, there are only 9 left! Visit them at www.chestnuthilcc.com.

Each book contains passes for 10 weekday rounds (greens fees and carts)

Passbooks are good on any weekday (not including holidays) throughout the 2011 season.

Anyone can use them (they can even be shared…shhhhhh!)

Only 9 2011 passbooks are left.

Once they are gone-that’s it for 2011.

No reprinting.

Save $50.00 off our Senior Rates
Save $70.00 off our Regular Rates
Call (585) 547-3613 to Purchase.