Here are tee times for the first two days of the Porter Cup. Here are the people to watch on Wednesday

Walker Cup Main Men~These guys are on the USA side already and want only to win the Porter Cup.

Patrick Rodgers-12:00 pm
Max Homa-12:00 pm

Walker Cup Hopefuls~These guys are vying for one of the final five spots (two of which will go to mid-amateurs.)

Nathan Smith-10:50 am
Bobby Leopold-10:50 am
Todd White-11:00 am
Mike McCoy-11:00 am
Michael Weaver-11:10 am
Brandon Hagy-11:20 am
Andrew Yun-11:30 am
Bo Andrews-11:30 am

Whippersnappers~These competitors are wet behind the ears in years, but seasoned competitors on the course.

Danny Guise-10:10 am
Gavin Hall-11:50 am
Beau Hossler-11:50 am
Matt NeSmith-12:10 pm

Locals~What it says, brah!

Dan Yustin-8:00 am
Michael Boss-9:40 am
PJ Alterio-10:00 am
Patrick Sheedy-10:10 am
Michael Carrig-10:20 am
Raman Luthra-10:20 am
Jonathan Clark-10:30 am

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