Having read the updates from our hometown paper, it’s nice to know that we have different perspective on what had relevancy in round one of the 2012 Porter Cup. I have a few thoughts and I’d like to detail them for you here.

1. 37 Players Under Par

Time was that protecting par was sacred. No longer. Let the course play as nature sets it up and let the players make the numbers that follow. Birdies and eagles excite and players return to a course that both challenges and motivates. Future years will bring different weather lead-ins and conditions will change as a result.

2. Mike Miller Is In The Mix

Unless you follow Metropolitan (NYC) Golf Association championships, you may not know who this young man is. Mike Miller is the strongest amateur golfer in New York State. He is not at the State Amateur this week (and I think you know why!) but he wins consistently in Met Tournaments, the strongest region of the state. I suspect he’ll be around on Saturday, after opening with four-under 66.

3. Patrick Rodgers Is In The Mix

He is an attractive draw for any tournament. His game jumped from great to greater last summer and has not stopped ascending. If heĀ  somehow becomes the two-time defending champion in the Porter Cup, there will be no way (short of turning professional, knock wood) for him to refuse an invitation back in 2013. His opening 67 was critical, as it is quite difficult to focus on round one, with all the attention of defending-champ status. Round One is where the defender usually trips up.

4. New Number Two No Longer A Pushover

The new/old second hole is no longer the pushover that its predecessor was. The Dos averaged +0.14 strokes over par on Wednesday, sixth-toughest hole on the course. As expected, 16 and 17 vied for toughest at +0.28 and +0.27, respectively. No surprise that the three par fives were the three easiest, relative to par, on the course.

5. Eagles Were Made!

Five eagles were made yesterday. Corey Conners holed out on the par four 15th hole for deuce. Mike Miller and Crawford Reeves had 3s on the 13th, while Max Homa and Richey Werenski turned the trick on the 11th. Expect more than five today!