CARLSBAD, Calif., August 15, 2014 – It’s a great day for elite golfers who like blade irons, and players who can benefit from a high technology utility iron. Callaway this morning announced the Apex Muscleback Irons and Apex Utility Irons, both are available for custom order online September 12, including on As a special offer, customers can pre-order both of them starting today, August 15.

The Apex Muscleback Irons are classically crafted, Tour inspired, premium forged blades with playability too, and they’re a great choice for elite, low handicap golfers. This irons set is custom order only, and comes standard in a 2-PW.

The Apex Utility Irons will be available at some retail accounts too. These forged utility irons are loaded with technology to give players high ball speeds across the face, along with performance, playability and a lot of forgiveness. They’ve gained immediate popularity on Tour since they were introduced at the Open Championship, and they’re available in 18-degree, 21-degree and 24-degree lofts.

Muscleback Iron (Small)

Apex Utility Irons

Product Intro:

Our R&D team has loaded up on technology and forged precision in the new Apex Utility Irons. The traditional long iron shape is all about performance and a level of forgiveness and playability that go way beyond what you’d expect from a forged face cavity back design. Precision, versatility, better distance gapping, and (you guessed it) forgiveness are all staples of these new additions to the Apex Family. And for the golfers who are looking for a high technology alternative to hybrids or long irons, these are it.

Forged Face Cup Design

This is some serious speed technology that we’re putting into utility irons. The Forged Face Cup helps create higher ball speeds all across the face to get the distance players are looking for out of these clubs.

Sole Weighting

– Here’s where some of that “hard-to-believe” forgiveness comes from. The sole weighting lowers the CG so that these utility irons are easier to hit and easier to launch.

Forged Design

They’re built from high strength 455 Carpenter steel that works very well for generating ball speed.

Hollow Body Construction

– The Hollow Body is in there to increase forgiveness in a traditional long iron shape to help golfers feel confident over every shot with these clubs.

Premium Shaft Offerings

– They come standard in a KBS Tour-V or UST Recoil 680 F4 Shaft. We also have additional offerings at no extra charge for players to choose.

The Details

Price – $229


-Steel: KBS Tour-V

-Graphite: UST Recoil 680 F4

Grip – Lamkin Crossline

Offering – 18,21,24 Utility

-Same upcharge policy as Std Apex Irons

Muscleback Iron (Small)

Apex Muscleback Irons

Product Intro:

When our Tour players come to us with equipment ideas, we listen. So when they asked us to craft a classic muscleback design, built to the exacting specifications that a blade demands, with some playability too, we got right to work on new Apex Muscleback Irons.

They’ve got a Tour inspired shape and style in our most premium forged design, and we’ve packed them full of game enhancing technology like optimized turf interaction and the same grooves we put in Apex Pro Irons. The world’s best players wanted the precision of a blade with some playability sprinkled in, and we delivered. These are a proud new addition to the Apex Family, and they’re a great option for elite golfers.

Tour Validated Shape

Tour Pros know what they like, and their feedback played a big role in this design. It’s a classic muscleback shape and style that the best players demand from a blade.

– Designed to give golfers the confidence to play any type of shot whenever they need to.

High Performance Grooves

– The high performance wide spaced grooves are built in to give golfers more control and consistent spin out of a variety of playing conditions. Or to put it another way, they’re getting the best of both worlds – pinpoint shot-making and playability.

Forged Design

–  Our most premium forging, and it’s made from 1020 Carbon steel for the softest feel. The guys on Tour love it.

– This quad forged design delivers ultimate craftsmanship and precision

Optimized Sole Camber

– We put this camber on the sole of the club to optimize turf interaction from a variety of lies. It’s there to give players more playability than they would ever expect from a muscleback.


Pricing: $1,099

Steel Shaft – KBS Tour-V (Custom Only)

Grip – Custom order

Offering – 2-P