BUFFALO, N.Y., Jan 22, 2013 – OnCore Golf, an innovative golf ball manufacturer, announced today the company’s plans to introduce its first golf ball, the EVO – a patented hollow core technology, during the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show. It’s the company’s first appearance on the PGA Show floor, where more than 40,000 attending PGA Professionals and select golf retailers from around the world will be in attendance.Not only is OnCore Golf planning to give away samples of their newest product the EVO to buyers and distributors, but having a philanthropic mindset OnCore Golf will be giving away 2,000 wristbands for a donation. OnCore Golf is suggesting donations start at $1.00 USD, but any contribution will directly affect the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation and Bunkers for Baghdad.

Fans will have a memorable experience participating in an interaction painting. “Your swing, our ball… It’s a work of ART!” OnCore has incorporated golf and art in their marketing strategy. Celebrity artist Brian Kirhagis of Brooklyn, New York will be onsite encouraging guests to leave “their stroke” on canvas. After golf enthusiasts create a solidified base, Brian will then turn everyone’s inspiring marks into one master piece. Based on previous success, OnCore’s fan interaction artwork has been donated to partnering charities and sold for over $4,000.

If interested in making a donation to either the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation or Bunkers for Baghdad please visit OnCore Golf’s Expo booth #1760.

About OnCore Golf:

OnCore Golf (www.oncoregolf.com) is dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of the game of golf by creating and selling new technology-based products that conform to the rules of golf. OnCore’s first product is the world’s only hollow-metal core golf ball, designed to be straighter off the tee and on the green by employing a novel core design that increases perimeter weighting. OnCore’s advisors and supporters include sport’s icons such as Major League Baseball’s Roberto Clemente Jr., NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry, former USGA Technical Director Frank Thomas, along with Club Glove founder and golf industry leader, Jeff Herold and PGA Master Instructor Michael Hebron.
About Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation

About Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation is a sanctuary of hope and healing. The most advanced technology, coupled with compassion and dedication have made Arnold Palmer Hospital one of the most trusted names in children’s healthcare worldwide. Careful attention has been paid to creating a cheerful, comforting environment to minimize stress and generate smiles. A 158-bed pediatric hospital facility located in Orlando, Florida, United States. The hospital is part of Orlando Health and is supported by the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation. Arnold Palmer Hospital is the first facility in Central Florida to provide emergency care exclusively for pediatrics. The Bert Martin’s Champions for Children Emergency Department & Trauma Center is part of the area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center.

About Bunkers for Baghdad

About Bunkers for Baghdad collects new and used golf equipment and ships them overseas to soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have reached out to many national golf corporations, golfers on both the LPGA and PGA tours, national golf associations, golf course from around the country, including many national and international golf retailers, school districts and individuals, to help further our Bunkers mission. The response has simply been overwhelming.