Where’s my Football?

After 27 glorious holes at Terry Hills on Friday, the Scrambler woke up to this.  I know we should get used to the “March Tease” by now.  But, like Charlie Brown believing that Lucy won’t pull away the football, I bought in completely that Golf Season was here!  Snow shovels were put away, I raked the garden, and the clubs were moved into the trunk of my car.  Now I’m lying on my back wondering where the Football went.

But we are a hearty and optimistic bunch in the BuffaloGolfer community.  Rather than dwell on the negative, I will see the silver lining in all of this: 

1)  This is yet another reminder to heed Robin Williams and “Seize the Day” at every chance.  I scrambled to juggle my schedule last Thursday so I would be free to enjoy Terry Hills on Friday.  It was worth every inconvenience!

2)  I now have an excuse to go back to the Dome in the near future.  Time to make the final swing tweaks that were revealed from my first live action.  It will make the “Second Season” even better.

3)  I will embrace the warmth of my fireplace – now awakened from its short sabbatical.

Now, who’s up for a final snow-tubing run!  Carpe Diem!!