It figured that the test pouches of SwingOIL would arrive in December. Prime golf month in the southern hem, but not in the north, where we are located. Plan B involved my return to running, so substitute running for golf I did. Understand that I’m neither fast nor distant, so the idea was to determine what frame of mind and body the drink would put me in. My initial report is a positive one. Each time I drank a pouch of the libation, I headed out with some extra pep in my step. Running between 2 and 3 miles to begin, I felt solid from start to finish.

And then, crazy February arrived and warm weather reached western New York. I headed out to play a round of golf, the first since November. SwingOIL suggests a pouch at the beginning of each nine, so I complied with regulations. I won’t promise that the OIL was the cause for my round of 77, over bumpy greens and matted grasses, but as with the running, I felt peppy with no crash. Along with the two pouches, I downed 11 ounces of water and one Michelob Ultra, and walked the entire 18 holes with a push cart. Verdict thus far is that SwingOIL is a nice supplement to (not a replacement for) the usual beverages of 18 holes of golf.  

SwingOIL comes in packs of 3 fluid ounces, just enough to awaken my system, while not weighing it down or bloating it up ahead. Three flavors are on offer: lemon-lime, orange, and strawberry-banana. My personal preference was for the first two, as their nature was to cut, not coat, the system. In contrast, I could taste a bit of sweet coat with the last flavor. I didn’t mind it once it was down, but I did notice that one minor distinction.

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