It’s not certain how I stumbled onto the First Tee and Tenth Tee energy bars from SCNS. It might have been the Tweet, a golf television commercial or some other source. What’s assured is that the box of diverse selections arrived and I packed my bag with them. I might have evicted some old gloves, dirty golf balls and sundry items to make room. Fortunately, I’ve turned to the light while walking, which I represent as pushing a three-wheeled golf cart, so the weight of the bag matters not at all.

The Set-Up

The SCNS energy bars owned me from the start. The packaging is attractive, making use of pastels to catch the eye and please it. What’s that, nice wrapper? Who cares? Well, I did, but I cared more about what was inside. Here’s a running list of the flavors that SCNS offers under each bar name:

First Tee

  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Chocolate Peanut
  • Dark Chocolate Trail Mix
  • Honey Almond

Tenth Tee

  • Cranberry Trail Mix
  • Chocolate Peanut Caramel
  • Peanut Honey

The Lowdown

Without sounding too ebullient, the most extreme challenge revealed itself to be this: to not devour the entire complement of bars in one sitting. I’m a taste guy, and the way these tasted, I wanted more and quickly. I also loved the consistency, the crunch, the proper balance of crunch and chew. From somewhere, perhaps the sun, perhaps the wind, I found an inner strength to resist the siren call of the bar. If that sounds a bit acute, outlandish even, I’ll allow it. I will say that you might feel the same tug to immediately unwrap another bar. My advice is to hold off.

No one wants to bounce directly from breakfast to the first tee. You’ll doubtless have that heavy feeling of the omelette, the pancakes, the bacon and sausage, right? Well, you could eat healthier or earlier, but in each case, you’ll have a bit of a hunger when the starter calls your name. After you hit the opening ball, reach in your bag for a 1st Tee bar. If your course or club has a halfway house, it’s hard to avoid that hot dog or sandwich you always get. Depending on the state of your scorecard, you might have had that food item on your mind for 2-3 holes already.

Here’s the thing: your body has been cruising just fine, burning whatever is in the belly from breakfast and the first bar. Overloading it with a massive, mid-round snack will certainly sate the appetite, but then you’ll want a nap, not nine more holes!

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My next bit of advice is this: don’t overwhelm the body with a plate of food. Grab something light, with the anticipation of breaking out a Tenth Tee bar on the 11th or 12th hole. A little bit of hunger preserves the edge for concentration needed to succeed. That’s my interpretation after over 30 years of golf, at least. If you want to celebrate, save it for the grill room after the round. The combination of fiber, protein and a bit of fat in these bars will get you through the remaining holes in peak concentration.

The Close

My only problem is this: I can’t find a multi-pack on the site’s shopping page. I did a quick search for local clubs that carry the bars, and only one was within 60 miles. If you’re interested in stocking up, but don’t wish to put all of your funds into one flavor, perhaps a quick question via the contact page might compel the company to offer a blended box. I’ll say this: if given a choice between one of these bars and a known-name energy bar, I’ll opt for this one.