Tim Herron performed court-mandated community service earlier this year, after being detained by Minnesota police for two minor violations.

Herron was pulled over for driving an uninspected vehicle earlier this year


“I thought the sticker was good through the end of the year,” Herron reportedly never said. “I guess I also assumed there was a windshield, and there wasn’t. So much for street legal,” he failed to add.

And was later detained for apparel-related violations


“The thing is, if Tiger or Rory or Jason wears a shirt like this, they get showered with applause for breaking the mold. Me? I just get another summons. It’s borderline ridiculous.” Herron did not make this statement and could not be reached for comment.

His public-service announcement will run through December, and Herron will be required to make a series of public appearances on behalf of the license plate program. Failing that, he will be sentenced to prison, where he will actually make the license plates he currently hawks.

Dateline: 1 April 2016