Tucker Tip: Low Driver Ball Flight

Golf Tip: Q & A – Low Driver Ball Flight
This is a good golfer that suddenly started hitting everything low….

Q:  I am just emailing you asking about my swing. I’ve been to the dome a few times and my swing feels good. But I am hitting the ball very low. My driver goes no more than 10 feet off the ground but flushed. Same with everything else. I feel that this is due to my sliding. When I slow down my swing and look at it at impact I see that my hand are probably a foot ahead of the club face.

Any suggestions as to stop sliding and get the club head through first?

Andy B.

A: Hi Andy, thanks for the question.

I have a player on the GCC team that had the same ball flight problem, and on the tee I had him weaken his grip position and it was an insta-fix. Try that first.

Here are a few thoughts on your problem, try to identify which ones fit. As you can imagine, it’s a bit difficult to solve a problem for a good golfer without seeing the swing, but we’ll give it a shot.

First we have to define the problem, then we need to solve it. The specific problem seems to be that you are hitting the ball with the face de-lofted, or with a clubhead with too little loft.

Keep in mind that when making corrections, make them in tiny increments at a time testing as you go. Golf is a game of 1/8 inch (or less) corrections.


Some equipment thoughts are: more loft on your driver, or a shaft that has a low to mid kickpoint. Don’t jump on these points as a quick solution, just a consideration.

Also, it would be worth the investment of a few bucks to go to Golf Galaxy, or anywhere that has a launch monitoring computer, and check your driver launch angle and ball spin rate. Then make sure that your driver loft, shaft flex, and ball characteristics fit your swing speed.

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