BuffaloGolfer.Com participated in a three-day tour of the Turning Stone Resort in Oneida, New York, this summer. The junket revealed that Turning Stone is best understood when divided into three segments: Room and Board; Entertainment; Golf. This is the second installment of three on our time at Turning Stone.

Turning Stone Resort: Entertainment

Entertainment is never in short supply at Turning Stone. By entertainment, we mean non-golf distractions and activities. Golf is deserving of its own piece, which will be our third installment in this series. Entertainment at Turning Stone can be divided into live entertainment, games of chance, and physical fitness. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that guests spend days at this resort without ever touching a golf club.

Live Entertainment

A quick glance at the images below offers a sense of the acts that regularly appear at the resort. From The Tenors to The Temptations, Kenny Rogers to Tracy Morgan, there is music, comedy and even some boxing in the offing. Throughout the year, golfing weather or not, Turning Stone offers room and event packages to suit a diverse array of budgets. Smaller events take place in The Showroom, while larger gatherings are held in The Event Center.

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Games of Chance

If you like to wager, you’ll find a vast variety of tables and machines at Turning Stone. For those who don’t like to go “all in,” the Bingo hall is the place to find a seat. Table games span the gamut from blackjack and roulette to the more exotic Pai Gow, Sic Bo and Baccarat. Keno and Slot machines round out the offerings in the expansive casino, housed on the ground floor of the Turning Stone tower.

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Physical Fitness

You know there’s golf at Turning Stone. It’s hard to miss the courses, driving ranges, dome, putting greens…we’ll get to them in installment three. For now, think of Ska:na (Oneida word for “Peace”) the place where massages (and your body) come to life. Full-body massages or partial-body (feet, scalp, hair) treatments ensure a return to vitality. Skana is connected the Lodge, away from the main building.

There’s also the Ahsi (Oneida for “Awaken”) day spa in the main building. Offering similar but unique treatments, Ahsi presents a variety of affordable options. Finally, visit the Tower Fitness Club for classes, cardio and weight training, to round out your stay or begin/end your day at Turning Stone.

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