One of the area’s nicest club professionals, Joshua Wojtaszczyk recently spent a few years at Harvest Hill before moving over to Diamond Hawk. If you like one Hurdzan/Fry course, you might like them all! Wojtasczyk is our 10th PGA club professional interview in 2017 and offers a nice amount of insight inside the professional shop. Images courtesy of Diamond Hawk website.

1.           Tell us your name and how you got interested/involved in golf as a youth.

a.  Joshua Wojtaszczyk and I got interested in golf because when my family moved to a new neighborhood the only kid my aged played golf.  So I started playing.

2.         Tell us a bit about your competitive golf experience in your younger days.

a.  I played in the junior interclub for elma meadows golf course, Buffalo District, Maxfli Junior Tour, and also played in the International Junior Masters in 2006

3.         What epiphany did you have that led you to the PGA of America and a club professional position?

a.  I actually became friends with Steve Carney who at the time was the head professional at Elma Meadows and admired the job he did and the respect he got as a PGA Professional so I decided to choose that career path

4.         Give us bit of history on the clubs you have represented as an assistant or head professional.

a.  I have been a assistant golf professional at Westwood CC, Park CC, Orchard Park CC.  I have been the Head Golf Professional at River Oaks CC, Harvest Hill GC, and currently the Director of Golf at Diamond Hawk Golf Course.

5.         Run down the responsibilities of a club professional, including the tasks that might not be apparent to members and guests.

a.  Day to day responsibilities for me includes checking in golfers, scheduling staff, staging golf carts,  running different daily events.

6.         As a teaching professional, what are the most important tenets of your teaching philosophy?

a.  The biggest thing in teaching for me is not to confuse the student.  I believe in keeping is simple and only change what needs to be changed.  There is not a perfect golf swing model.

7.         Give us an idea of your recent competitive history. Also, what do you work on to stay sharp

a.  I play in the WNY Section events about 2 or 3 a year.  Short game is the key to playing good rounds so I practice that on a weekly basis  

8.         In competition, on what do you focus to achieve your greatest success? We know that golf and competitive golf are dissimilar, so what does a professional rely on (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically) to compete his best?

a.  I actually listen to my favorite music on the way to the course and while playing think of the songs and sing the songs in my head.

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