No one had gone back-to-back in the Erie County Junior Series, before Tyler Birdd turned the double this year. Birdd mastered two very different golf courses and won with relative ease both weeks. Somehow, between the hours of school, work and golf, Birdd found time to answer nine questions for BuffaloGolfer. Here is what your local, man-to-beat on the boys high school golf scene has to say about the state of his golf game.

1. Tell us who you are and how you got into golf

I am a senior at Iroquois High school. I play three sports, golf, hockey, and baseball. I started playing golf when I was young, I used to go out to East Aurora Country Club when I was young to play three holes. My grandpa was a big part of me falling in love with the game.

2. What are the strong points of your golf game?

I usually am a pretty good ball striker with my long clubs, and I putt the ball pretty well.

3. Do you play mainly high school golf, tournament golf, or a mix of both?

During the fall I usually play only high school golf, and then after school ends in the summer I play in as many tournaments as I can.

4. You shot -1 to win at Grover Cleveland. You were -4 until the final few holes, but you held on to win. What did you learn from that experience?

I learned that you gotta keep grinding down the stretch, and not be content with you score. I began to feel content, and I had a couple of hiccups down the stretch.

5. You came back with +1 at Elma Meadows, arguably a better round than you had at Grover. How did you manage your way around the course?

I kept the ball in play off the tee, and made the majority of putts inside four feet. It was a little windy out there so keeping the ball in play was critical.

6. What are the differences between the two courses, and how did you prepare for each?

At Grover, the greens were quite a bit smaller than at Elma, so I felt that the visual of a small green helped me to be more precise with my iron play. At Elma, it was all about beating the conditions, as the wind was tough.

7. What areas of your game do you feel still need work?

My wedge play inside 100 yards definitely needs work.

8. How did you celebrate your win at Elma Meadows?

Right after my win, I stuck around for a little bit to see how my buddies finished up, and by then it was about 3:15, and I had to work at 4. So I rushed home, ate, and went to work.

9. You are a senior this year. Do you have collge golf plans?

I would really love to play college golf, I am not sure where I will end up, but it has always been one of my dreams.