It helps to have his number in your contacts, that’s all I’ll say. Thanks, Sibgolf! The day after a guy gets his most important win to date, you hardly expect him to answer a text. And that tells you just what kind of guy Ben Reichert is. Thanks, Coach Burns!! The recently-crowned Porter Cup champion of 2021 took time out of his practice regimen to answer our nine questions. Without delay, let’s hear from Ben Reichert.

1. Does Niagara Falls country club fit your eye? It fits ours, and we always play well there. Wondering if it’s the same for you?

It definitely does. I have always felt comfortable out there. I’m not sure why, but it definitely does fit my eye.

2. Why Dad on the bag this week?

My dad has always caddied for me in events. He stays out of the way and I always know what I’m getting when I have him on the bag.

3. What thought kept you going in round one? 64 is a massive start.

Going into the first round, I had very low expectations. I wasn’t feeling good at all about my game and I think that’s what helped me.

4. How do you prepare for 36 holes in a single day?

It’s more mental preparation than anything. I can handle the physical part of it, but it’s such a mental grind. That’s the biggest thing for sure.

5. Was there ever a point on Friday when you felt that you were running out of gas?

No. I never felt like I was lacking energy of any sort. I’ve played quite a few 36 hole days in my life so I knew what I had to do.

6. How did you sleep on the lead?

Not well at all, but that’s part of it. I hadn’t been in that position in a very long time.

7. What swing thought or key did you use on Saturday?

I wasn’t thinking about anything swing related. I try to stay away from mechanics when I play.

8. How did the course evolve, from day one to day three?

It definitely dried out a bit, but it wasn’t anything crazy. The grounds crew did such an amazing job after the rain that it was in good shape by Thursday

9. Which question haven’t we asked, that you would love to answer? Ask it and answer it, please

Reichert continues question eight below, as his choice.

I would say it’s very overlooked at how incredible it was that they got the course ready after the course was completely under water on Tuesday.