I’m sitting in the waiting room at a local auto dealer, waiting on an oil change. I’ve just come from Harvest Hill Golf Center in Orchard Park, where I spent three hours with John Graham and 7 other students. Graham, a professional at Webster Golf Club near Rochester. Graham is a master proponent of AimPoint technology, a statistical model that creates putting certainties.

You’ve seen the AimPoint putting line on the Golf Channel, as have the voters who determine Emmy awards. AimPoint determines putting parameters and putt trajectories, taking the guesswork out of what that ball is going to do. AimPoint does not improve your stroke, but it does give a reliable stroke a better opportunity

For obvious reasons, I can’t tell you what I learned at the clinic. What I can reveal is that I am excited about utilizing AimPoint’s research and theories as a player and a coach. You can learn what I learned and become a better green reader. You can work with a world-renowned professional to clarify proper information and eliminate inaccurate notions on green reading.

AimPoint won’t improve your stroke, but it will give a reliable stroke a reliable way to bring more putts home (or at least close!)