Don Mahaffey keeps the legacy of an employer and friend alive, in the form of a scholarship for students entering the golf industry. Read about it in Don’s words, and click the PDF link at the end to access the application.

I met Al Stanger in 2005 when he told me he wanted a personal 18-hole golf course. He could always read me and when he saw the look on my face he said, “I do what I say I’m going to do”, and he did. The story of Wolf Point Club has been told many times here so I’ll just say this. Al was the most optimistic, encouraging, and inspiring person I’ve ever worked with. He figured if others were doing it, we could too, only we’d do it even better. 

In 2010, after we finished most of the construction on his golf course, we formed Greenscape Methods, a golf company. When it was successful, he shared a greater share of the profits with me than our partnership agreement called for. When his accountants asked him why, he said I deserved it. That’s the type of man he was, and he was an even better friend. 

We formed the Greenscape Methods Charitable Foundation to fund the Alfred T. Stanger Memorial Scholarship fund. Al died in 2016 and we hope to pass along some of Al’s encouragement to young people pursuing a career in golf.  But the real reason I wanted to create this annual scholarship gift is so I can talk about my friend every year.

Alfred T. Stanger Memorial Scholarship Description

Alfred T. Stanger Memorial Scholarship Application