Mike Miller, a 19-year old amateur golfer from New York, was the subject of recentmedia attention from a number of sources. With good reason, I can add. The aspiring professional has been a force in Metropolitan (NY) Golf Association events since his junior days. In 2012, he became more than a curiosity when he won the USGA State Team Championship individual medal by eight strokes and led New York State to its first team championship by six blows. Miller recently placed third in the New Year’s Invitational in Florida and, after holing his final putt, answered a series of questions we posed.

11. Fitness~Describe your workout(s). What is your focus and why? Do you anticipate making changes down the road?

-i will be starting to ride a stationary bike and work on core stuff…but haven’t started anything like that yet…do push ups and sit ups but haven’t touched any weights yet…

12. Nutriton~What foods and beverages do you ingest before, during and after competition? Amount, frequency and any other details we should know.

-I enjoy myself a nice Burger and pasta during tournaments….can eat a burger every day or pasta at every tournament…

13. Walk us through typical practice session(s). Give us the amount of time you spend on each aspect of your game, drills that you do, information/statistics that you keep.

-I will spend a lot more time on the putting green then anything because the game is about short game…125 yards and in…

14. Describe the importance of mental/emotional/spiritual strength on the course.

-The game is 100% mental and emotional….i try to be even keeled and let nothing bother me or get me to up or to down but sometimes you have to ride the good emotion and just ride the wave….

15. Strengths~What do you counsider to be the most developed and reliable facets of your game?

-Driving the ball i feel like im a longer player and hit it very straight and in play with my driver….its the straightest club in my bag…

16. Weaknesses~Which facets need work?
-Always can improve on your short game and putting!

17. What is your go-to shot? If your life was on the line and you had to pull off a shot better than anyone else (and I don’t mean the one-foot putt), which would it be?

-A little butter fade….never goes left that way and i know i will keep in play!

18. What have been your biggest victories in golf? What did you do to get over the hump and seal the proverbial deal?

-Winning the USGA State team and Individual national Title…Won the individual by 8 shots….

19. What question haven’t I asked, that no one has asked, that you would love to answer? Ask the question and then answer it.

Q-do you enjoy what you do or are you playing this game because you’ve been around the game forever?

A- There is nothing better then walking around on the golf course when no one is around and you really can think and just enjoy yourself with no one to tell you did well or hit a good or bad shot….just you and ball and the course and realize that i can do this and i will make it as a golfer because i want it to bad and am going to get where i want to go because of hard work and determination.


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