The Antigua Exceed Long-Sleeve Polo arrived last fall, when we were on the road out west. Although the trip was quite a success, we were anxious to return home to get a look at and feel for the Exceed. No matter where you play your golf, those crisp mornings or descending evenings often ask for a bit more arm coverage, but not so much that you feel layered. And for the days when the wind whips up and creates a bother, why not have a long-sleeved, performance shirt in the bag?

I wore this shirt around the house for quite a few days before the temperature elevated enough for me to enjoy some December golf in western New York. We often use a long-sleeved performance undie to keep the torso warm on chilly days. I put the Antigua Exceed on over one of those and set off for a walking round over my favorite local muni, Sheridan Park. The wind was mostly calm that day, so we didn’t need windbreakers over our shirts. For 4 hours, we played a unique collection of shots over an impressively-dry course and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Have you noticed that there was no mention of the Antigua Exceed? That’s because I didn’t notice it. It didn’t impact my shots nor my stroll in the slightest way. That’s the result I want from a piece of apparel: the ability to execute my swings with absolutely no attention given to the clothing I’ve chosen. For that reason, the Antigua Exceed passed the first test with a merit badge. Actually, it might have been the second test, since I had admired its comfort during those around-the-house days upon arriving home. There’s more to learn, and the following quote offers that bit up.

“Our long-sleeve Exceed for men and women has a UPF 50 factor,” says Ron McPherson, president and CEO of Antigua. “It’s strong protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These fine products are worn for protection by golfers and tennis players, as well as other outdoor enthusiasts. Sure, it’s a great golf shirt in cool to cold weather. However, it also offers excellent sun protection, as well.”

One of the differences between long-sleeved traditional cotton and the poly blends of today is the incredibly-bearable lightness of the latter. In earlier days, we wore short-sleeves well into the wee hours of golf because the heavier cotton weighed on our arms. Today’s golfers don’t have that concern, given the comfort and balance of today’s materials. Balance is an odd term to use at first blush, but that lightness eliminates even the slightest imbalance due to long sleeves.

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