The Antigua Horizon lightweight pullover nearly floated to the ceiling when I released it from its shipping pouch. The three-quarter zip comes in a number of color combinations, has a sturdy and consistent zipper, and feels quite soft against the skin. AND it’s super light. So light, in fact, that I wondered aloud if anyone would wear it to combat the cold. When I think pullover, being from the northeast, I think hearty fleece. I think “We’ve stolen a few golfing days or hours from the cold, and I need my fleece.”

It reasons, then, that folks in milder climates would substitute lightweight pullover for fleece on mornings betwen dawn’s break and apollo’s rise. And in late afternoon, as the dew begins to form on leaves and blades, before the sun sets for the day. Let’s be quite hones, it can’t hurt to take this lightweight pullover along. As mentioned previously, with glee, it is unconscionably light in weight. It probably weighs less than a golf club. It might weigh less than a club head.

The Antigua Horizon LP zips up to the jaw line. It forms a loose sleeve around the neck, but not one where the zipper creates discomfort. If the wind picks up in the AM or PM, the high-neck mode does its job of keeping gusts away from the torso. The polyester/spandex blend assures that tugging and pulling on and off, or simply for comfort, won’t damage the pullover. Sizing is generous, but not so much that you need to drop down to an M if you’re normally an L. I typically wear both M and L, depending on the fit I seek, and the M that I have in the Horizon LP is quite comfortable.

To summarize, the Antigua Horizon lightweight pullover works well in the temperature range of 55 to 70 degrees fahrenheit. It will cost somewhere in the $60-$75 dollar US range, depending on where you make your purchase. For those dry, slightly cool mornings and evenings of golf, when you need just enough to cut through the chill, but not so much to generate heat, this product makes the proper fit.

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