Energy Athletic is a new apparel label in the golf market, selling short- and long-sleeved shirts. The basic facts are: 95% polyester, 5% spandex. The sizable claim is a process a treatment called IonX embeds negative ions into the fabric. The result, according to the company, is more power. How you interpret that is up to you.The Energy Athletic shirts come in nine colors for the short sleeve model and three for the long sleeve. They feature three buttons and a contemporary soft collar. The dye choices are varied, offering a diverse selection of shades, albeit all in solids (no patterns available yet, no idea if patterns are part of the plan.)

Energy Athletic-Ion Green

I have one problem with the functionality of the website. The short-sleeved shirts aren’t labeled by color, nor is there a hover feature that tells which name goes with which shade of blue. The Lightning White, Deep Black, Ion Green, Gray Matter, Red Surge and Orange Fusion are easy to distinguish. The three shades of blue, however, might cause a bit of consternation should the wrong hue arrive at your door. A quick email or phone callto corporate offices should alleviate all stress.

Energy Athletic-Lightning White

Energy Athletic appears bent on meeting its consumer at a place where wallets don’t feel threatened. You make a commitment to them and they’ll make a commitment to you. The purchase of any four shirts knocks $7.50 off the price of each shirt. When you purchase the fifth, you get an additional $15 off that shirt and each subsequent one.

As for the ionized golf shirts claim, I’m no chemical scientist, so I can’t vouch for its validity. There is a nice feel to the shirt and I certainly enjoy wearing it. My choice is the long-sleeved white polo; as summer turns to autumn, or afternoon to evening, a long-sleeved shirt is a nice transitional shirt. I wore the long-sleeved shirt on a hot July afternoon and was pretty comfortable, despite above-80 temperatures. I’d have no problem recommending this shirt for purchase, assuming it fits your eye and your purchasing power. The feel is comfortable and flexible, the two qualities I seek in a shirt.

The official press release from Buffalo Communications reads as follows:

(SAN LUIS OBISBO, CA) – Buffalo Communications (Buffalo) has been selected by Performance Sports Brands to develop and execute a public relations program for Energy Athletic Golf apparel, the industry’s only brand featuring IonX Ionized Energy Fabric™ that adds power and enhances comfort during every round.

Relying on technology trusted for decades by international militaries, space programs and Olympic athletes, each Energy Athletic Golf shirt showcases a proprietary intelligent material scientifically proven to contain ionic energy through a negatively charged ionic field.

“We’ve taken science validated by Tour stars and other elite athletes, increased its positive impact through a revolutionary fabric and created a premium golf shirt that feels incredible and truly gives you more power,” says Mike Abram, President of Performance Sports Brands, parent company of Energy Athletic Golf. “With its highly-skilled team and innovative approach, Buffalo Communications is the right partner to promote our unique product.”

Energy Apparels’ ability to increase power was confirmed by an independent university in a double-blind study on 12 rugby players. The results showed a measurable increase in average power when wearing IonX during repetitive, short duration, high intensity exercise.

“Energy Athletic Golf is a completely distinct, science-based product,” says Rich Katz, Managing Director of Buffalo. “Early demand from consumers, retailers and Tour players has exceeded expectations and will continue to climb as more people discover the measurable IonX advantage.”

Available in long and short sleeve options and a variety of colors, Energy Athletic Golf shirts are lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking and offer an exceptionally soft feel. They can be purchased on the company website and will soon be available at leading retailers nationwide.

For more information:, 805-595-4036.