Mornings and evenings in summer, or any time during spring or fall, are perfect occasions for a long-sleeved golf shirt. The proper and appropriate question is, which type? Traditional predominantly-cotton shirts have given way to blended tops that breathe, keeping you warm or cool, depending on the situation. A fine example of this 2010-style shirt is the Fila Tahoe.


Fila Tahoe Long-Sleeved Golf Shirt

I’m a fan of having a zip-up polo or three in the wardrobe. The Tahoe has that feature. I like the sleek feel of the poly/spandex blend. The latter ingredient gives the shirt a flexible quality, so if you’re a bit oversized for the fit, the shirt still has your back!

As if the sheeny stretchiness of the shirt weren’t enough, Fila has an anti-bacterial finish to the fabric, along with a tech-dry feature that pulls perspiration away from the body. I’m a big fan of this particular shirt and, as autumn looms, it occupies a top-three hanger in my closet.