Author: Mo'Golf

Chestnut Hill CC Review

I’ll confess that I (Mo’ Golf) have yet to play Chestnut Hill. I toured the course in June of 2012 and shot over 400 images of the course, so I can claim to know it visually, if not intimately. What I saw impressed...

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A Bad Day of Golf

I can’t positively remember his name, although I am fairly certain that it was Fred or Frank.  My certainty comes from the fact that after my one and only golf encounter with this guy, I attached an unflattering (although, I...

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Beginner’s Primer: The Game

Just starting out? That’s all right; we’ve got you covered. We won’t discuss equipment here, but we will get you from the first tee through the eighteenth green in one piece. The Importance Of Lessons          ...

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