Dallas, TX – Golf industry icon Rick Martin has returned to the golf business with his new company, Martin Golf Apparel. The company’s first apparel collection is for spring 2012, and will be available only to PGA professionals. The spring 2012 apparel began delivering in November 2011 and has already been met with an enthusiastic reception. 

Martin Golf Apparel – with the slogan “Timeless as the Game” – is being sold by an ultra-high account base, ideally the nation’s top Private Golf Clubs. Martin Golf Apparel won’t do any department store business. The company is taking a much understated approach to design as the garments are a lifetime quest for perfection from Martin. [Click Here for the video.]

Martin Golf is quickly gaining a lot of attention in the golf industry with it quality manufacturing and classic design.

With the company’s first launch already making waves in the industry, Martin Golf Apparel shares retailers hopes for nothing less than the high standards that have earned Rick Martin such a trusted name in the golf world.

About Martin Golf 

A 30-year veteran of the men’s better-apparel industry, Rick Martin – a lifelong golfer and member of 12 golf clubs worldwide – saw an opportunity to return elegance and quality to golf apparel. Over that preceding 40-year stretch, golf apparel had suffered a steady decline. Classic styling and quality were the unfortunate casualties as manufacturers all but abandoned the game’s heritage in their colors, designs, and fabrics. Martin’s timing and vision were impeccable, and he soon became one of golf apparel’s biggest names. Martin is excited about returning to the apparel business. His success is proven and the industry is pleased to have him back.