In 2013, rather than interview the champions of local, state and national events (who knows, we still might…) BuffaloGolfer.Com chooses to honor the passionate golfers of western New York, from all walks of life. Lawyers, bus drivers, cooks, cleaners, you name it. If you know one, email us or leave a comment at the end and we’ll feature her or him. We hope that you enjoy this revealing interview and that you consider making a donation to his organization.

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Miguel-Angel Poulter, aka Eric Hoxsie


1. State your name, home course and average 18-hole score or handicap, along with your profession.

Eric Hoxsie, Byrncliff, HDC 11, CFO, Hazmat Environmental Group, Inc.

2. How did you get hooked by this game?

I started playing with my father sometime pre-teens. I loved the game right away. During summer vacations from school my mother would drop me at our local municipal course on her way to work in the morning and pick me up on her way home. I would play 18 to 54 holes each time depending on what else was going on. Sometimes I would caddy for a few bucks. We lived near a private club in the Syracuse area and at night I would wade into some of the water holes coming out with hundreds of golf balls. Cleaned and sorted, I would sell them back to the club members.

3. How often do you play?

This time of year, rarely. In the summer, about twice a week. I do a few golf trips each year where we play 36 holes a day for however long we can stand it. I just returned from one of those trips last night.

Hoxsie Putting @ Dormie Club w/Friends

Hoxsie Putting @ Dormie Club w/Friends

4. Do you ever practice? If so, what parts of your game?

I practice quite a bit; In the winter I will hit balls at one of our local golf domes a couple of times a month, In the summer I hit a lot of balls in my side yard. I have a 120 yard mowed field with a pin at one end. Longer shots I just hit into the woods. I buy the balls 500 at a time for $.10 each so losing them still costs less than hitting range balls.

5. Describe the best shot you have hit in “this” lifetime.

I am still waiting for my first best shot. I have had several eagles on par 4s and quite a few long bombs on the greens, no aces yet!

6. Describe the worst shot you have hit in this lifetime.

I once hit a tee shot off the women’s tee marker which bounced straight backwards over my head, over the hedge row behind the tee, over the fairway behind the hedge row, and out of bounds about 50 yards behind me. The distance component of “stroke and distance” was actually a benefit.


7. Are you a walker or a rider most often and why?

I prefer to walk and I do walk most of the time. Walking provides health benefits, a better pace to the game and is more relaxing for me.

8. Reveal the best golf course you’ve ever played and what makes it “the best” from your vantage point.

The best course I have played is Leatherstocking in Cooperstown. It’s classic, old, shorter, interesting, well maintained and within a half day’s drive. I prefer the “historic old” courses.

9. What does golf do for you? What keeps you coming back?

Golf relaxes and refreshes.

10. What question haven’t I asked, that you would love to answer? Ask it and answer it.

How many sets of clubs do you own and use?

I have seven full sets including one hickory set. I have played rounds with five of the sets within the past year and hit field balls with all of them.